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Hiroshi Hara

Director of Photography.


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Hiroshi Hara is an award-winning filmmaker based in New York City whose work has been screened at film festivals around the world. He was raised in Los Angeles, where he first became engrossed by the power of images and storytelling after he was given his first mini-DV camera and started making short films and music videos with his friends. Since then, his passion for film has blossomed into a career, prompting his move from California to New York, where he continues to write, direct and shoot today.

Hiroshi's work experience has included narrative features, documentaries, television and commercials. He has worked with artists such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga, as well as with National Geographic, Netflix, A&E, Bravo networks, MTV, NBC, ABC, W Magazine, Condé Nast, Thomson Reuters, the American Red Cross, Pepsi Shorts, Doritos, Bombay Sapphire, Ray-Ban and more. He is currently involved in several feature film projects.

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